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Miniature Llamas

Miniature llamas are intelligent, charming animals that are also very rare! There are now 685 miniature llamas registered in the USA and Canada: 130 foundation minis, 203 immature minis and 352 mature miniature llamas.

Mini-llamas are easy to handle and about the size of alpacas. If a 500 lb. llama is too large for you, consider owning a 225 to 250 lb. mini-llama. Mini-llamas are recognized and registered with the International Llama Registry (ILR).

Miniature llamas and alpacas make great companions and can browse together in the same pasture. Mini-llamas behave like standard llamas in every way. Indeed, mini-llamas think they are 10 ft tall and make good guard animals.

A cria born from registered miniature llama parents can be registered with the ILA, just like a standard-sized llama. When the cria is 3 years old, if it measures 38 inches or less at the withers, ILR then assigns it the "miniature" status. Females that at three years of age measure between 38 to 40 inches can be registered as foundation miniature llamas.

Males    Females

Multiple Grand Champion

Startime after a full clip

Name: Startime Rythum
ILR# 204449
DOB: 9/7/1998
COLOR: Black & White
Height: 35 1/2 inches
SIRE: Bolivian Crown Jewels (ILR# 138316)
DAM: Bolivian Angel Music (ILR# 127655)

Extremely gorgeous and sweet with great show ring presence and panache! More importantly, Startime is producing babies that win in the show ring. And all his babies have wonderful temperaments.

Honors include:

  • 1st Place Adult Mini Male, 2001 Four States Fair, Texarkana TX
  • Grand Champion Mini Male, 2001 Four States Fair, Texarkana TX
  • 1st Place Adult Mini Male, 2002 Texas Classic Llama Show, Conroe TX
  • Reserve Grand Champion Adult Mini Male, 2002 Texas Classic, Conroe TX
  • 1st Place Adult Mini Male, 2002 Central Texas State Fair, Belton TX
  • Grand Champion Mini Male, 2002 Central Texas State Fair, Belton TX
  • 1st Place Adult Mini Male, 2003 Texas Classic, Conroe TX
  • Grand Champion Mini Male, 2003 Texas Classic, Conroe TX
  • Best In Show - all llamas, 2003 Texas Classic, Conroe TX
  • 2nd Place Adult Mini Male, 2004 Texas Classic, Conroe TX

Stud fee: $750

LNB Rob Roy

Name: LNB Rob Roy
ILR# 233117
DOB: 7/1/2001
COLOR: Appaloosa
Height: 35 inches
SIRE: Johnnie Walker Red (ILR# 120489) Appaloosa
DAM: Hillside's Daphne Dots (ILR# 170485) Appaloosa

Rob Roy is an extremely rare appaloosa mini-llama. He is third-generation mini-llama and third-generation appaloosa from both parents being appies. His strong appaloosa genetics means that he throws babies with appaloosa markings--even when the dam is not an appaloosa. 

See some of his cria babies.

He has a really nice temperament and is very easy to handle. This striking male is siring very handsome babies. My first cria, Holiday Splash, from him is a stunning little girl.

Stud fee: $1500

Rob Roy Crias  

Holiday Splash





Romeo entertains Kokopelli

Name: Let's Roll! Romeo
AMLA Reg.#0170 ILR# 237730
DOB: 9/29/01
COLOR: Red & White
Height: 36 inches
SIRE: Bolivian Razzel Dazzel LL-R93549 AMLA 118 36.5 in.
DAM: Chilean Spanish Lace - LL-R215057

Outstanding herdsire with great presence and dignity. Beautiful head and extremely sweet temperament. The freckles on his head hint at the appaloosa heritage of his appaloosa Dad, Razzel Dazzel and the possiblilties of throwing appaloosa crias. Romeo is affectionate, gives kisses and has won a 1st place in obstacle and performance.

Stud fee: $750
Sales price: $2500

AOR Fontaine

AOR Fontaine

Name: AOR Fontaine
DOB: 1/18/2009
COLOR: White, med brown
ILR#: pending
Height: pending
Sire: Startime Rythum (ILR# 204449)
Dam: CWML Cassia (ILR# 237732)

Very showy mini male. Fontaine is very elegant with lots of charm. He has his Dad's showiness and presence. I'm thrilled with him.

Sales price: $1500.

AOR Madison

DOB: 3/14/2009
COLOR: Full appaloosa, gray background
ILR#: 276456
Height: pending
Sire: LNB Rob Rot (ILR# 233117)
Dam: ROR Little Star BE14 (ILR# 262463)

Madison is a 3rd generation full appaloosa, or harlequin gray out of full appaloosa parents. I predict that he will be about 36" at 3 yrs. He is a very sweet boy, who gives kisses and pets. Halter trained and leads easily. His fiber is really soft and will make nice yarn. Excellent show prospects.

Sale price: $3500


ROR Little Star

Star's dad, Razzel Dazzel (deceased)

Name: ROR Little Star
ILR Reg. 262463    COLOR: Appaloosa
DOB: 9/19/05
Sire: Bolivian Razzel Dazzel (ILR# 93549)
Dam: Peruvian Starlett (ILR # 246969)

This gorgeous little appaloosa girl is my newest acquisition. I've always wanted to add this patterning to my herd. She is one of the last crias of the late great Bolivian Razzel Dazzel. She will be bred in late March 2007 to LNB Rob Roy, a 35" appaloosa mini-llama.

Sales price: sorry, not for sale

AOR Holiday Splash

Name: AOR Holiday Splash
ILR# 273368
DOB: 3/14/08
COLOR: Appaloosa
Height: pending
SIRE: LMB Rob Roy ILR-R233117
DAM: ROR Little Star - ILR-R262463

This beautiful appaloosa is very typey and will be bred in Nov 2010. She is halter trained with a gentle personality. Great show prospects!

For sale: $3500  

Grand Champion

Name: CWML Cassia
ILR Reg. 237732    COLOR: Medium Red and White
Height: 36"
DOB: 10/22/2001
Sire: That's a Lewigi (ILR# 220520)
Dam: Stage Stop's Popo's Pillow Talk (ILR # 205060)
A beautiful female and proven dam, who is producing show winners. She is a great Mom and easy birther with plenty of milk. She has been bred to Romeo for a February 2008 cria.


  • 1st Place Juvenile Females, 2002 Texas Classic Llama Show, Conroe Tx
  • 1st Place Juvenile Miniature Female, 2002 Central Texas State Fair
  • Grand Champion Miniature Female Llama, 2002 Central Texas State Fair, Belton

Sales price: Sorry, not for sale


Name: CWML Bolivia Stardust
DOB: 3/11/2002
COLOR: Silver gray and white
ILR#: 240855
Height: 36 3/4"
Sire: Startime Rythum (ILR# 204449)
Dam: Dancing Spirit Lady (ILR# 184069)

Stardust came to my ranch for a breeding to Romeo, and I liked her so much, that I bought her. This gorgeous silver gray female has an extremely sweet personality and likes being petted. All gray llamas and alpacas carry the "white spot" gene that can potentially produce crias with blue eyes. Because Stardust is a white-front tuxedo gray, she should always be bred to a solid-colored male that has no white markings to avoid producing blue-eyed white babies.

Honors: 1st Place Yearling Miniature Female, 2003 Texas Classic Llama Show, Conroe, TX

Sales price: Sorry not for sale

AOR Touche the Sky
Name: AOR Touch the Sky
DOB: 2/10/2010
COLOR: Appaloosa
ILR#: 279585
Height: pending
Sire: LNB Rob Roy (ILR# 233117)
Dam: ROR Little Star BE14  (ILR# 262463)

Nick-named Touche', this girl has a lovely appaloosa pattern, sweet temperament. She is halter trained and leads easily. Very pettable.

Sales price:  $3200

AOR Bliss

Name: AOR Bliss
DOB: 3/3/2010
COLOR: White
ILR#: 280554
Height: pending
Sire: LNB Rob Roy(ILR# 233117)
Dam: CWML Bolivian Stardust (ILR# 240855)

This girl has lovely soft white fiber. She is halter trained and weaned. Very good show prospects.

Sale price: $1500

AOR Delovely

AOR Delovely

Name: AOR Delovely
DOB: 1/6/2010
COLOR: White, med brown
ILR#: 278828
Height: pending
Sire: LNB Rob Roy(ILR# 233117)
Dam: CWML Cassia (ILR# 237732)

This is a very showy little appaloosa girl with great presence and show potential. Halter trained and sweet natured.

Sales price: $2500

This page was last updated October 7, 2010.

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