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Shearing Day

Shearing Day is Sunday, April 19, 2009.

For alpaca and llama owners: If you you would like to bring your alpacas and llamas for shearing, please contact Virginia Lyons at 903-530-1009 to make arrangements. A professional shearer comes to the ranch every year to help up harvest our wonderful fleeces. Cost is $35 per alpaca and $40 per llama. In addition, you will be expected to help out with some of the chores associated with shearing day. There are plenty of jobs to go around, from pushing a broom to sweep fiber, to putting fleeces in bags, to taking animals to and from the shearing station.

For handspinners and fiber crafters: If you would like to pick out one or more fleeces for handspinning, then Shearing Day is a great opportunity to pick the fleeces that you desire. We have over 35 fleeces of every imaginable luscious color. All animals are blown with a high power blower prior to shearing, so the fleeces are free of most vegetable matter. Fleece prices range from $50 to $100, depending on weight, color, and fineness.

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